sciCORE HPC usage fees

The following fees will apply starting from January 2019 for usage of the sciCORE HPC facility 6. The cost model has been approved by the SNF and these user fees should be used in grant applications to account for core facility access cost estimates.

During the year 2018, monthly usage reports accompanied by pro-forma invoices will be introduced for planning and budgeting purposes. Payment of these pro-forma invoices is not mandatory - but highly appreciated - as it helps sciCORE to invest in additional infrastructure.

The University of Basel and the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics are providing baseline funding, which allows sciCORE to provide basic infrastructure, training, and consulting without cost. Only services beyond this baseline are subject to usage fees (see notes below).

Usage fees:

User affiliation

High Performance storage
(CHF/TB/year), see note 3

Offline storage


Scientific consulting and programming support
(CHF/ hour)

University of Basel 1, 2

0-100 TB:

>100 TB:

100 2

see note 3

20 4

0.015 2

80 5

External academic collaborators (other swiss academic universities)





80 5

Other external collaborators (e.g. collaborative research with industry or non-Swiss universities)





Please, contact us

General conditions:

(1) University of Basel pricing applies to members of the University of Basel, SwissTPH, and to users at the university hospitals in Basel (USB, UKBB, UPK, …) for research and teaching purposes. A University of Basel user account (i.e. e-mail address) is required. In all other cases, fees for External academic collaborators apply.

(2) For University of Basel groups (see also note 1), fees for storage and compute access are subsidized. No invoices will be issued for small utilization of IT infrastructure (current threshold: 1’000 CHF/year, equivalent to 10 TB storage or ~66 K CPU-hours). These subsidy costs will be covered by the sciCORE budget.

(3) Provisioning of storage is subject to availability of free capacity. For storage requirements of more than 100 TB, please contact us ahead of time for planning infrastructure extensions. In these cases, direct contributions to infrastructure investments are encouraged.

(4) Offline storage will provide a mechanism to store large volumes of data at a cheaper price outside the main storage systems. This infrastructure will not be directly connected to computational resources and is expected to have significant access latency. It is meant e.g. to preserve raw scientific data that do not need frequent access after initial processing. Offline storage will be provided by the University central IT-Services, current pricing model for two copies of 1 TB of data is 20 CHF/year.

(5) For larger projects requiring extensive scientific support, programming effort, data analysis, or workflow and software development, these activities can be provided on a “fee for service” basis after mutual agreement between the research group and sciCORE.

(6) For University of Basel members, fees will apply starting from January 2019. For other external collaborators, fee will apply from January 2018.

For any questions and further clarification please contact us at:

status: 2018-08-02