Data Life Cycle Management Project

Data Life Cycle Management (DLCM): from pilot implementation to national services” is a three-years-long project, August 2015 - July 2018, funded under the SUC P-2 program, This SUC P-2 program “Scientific information: access, processing and safeguarding” is set to deliver:

“Swiss information provisioning and processing infrastructure that transcends the borders of individual institutions. The program shall strengthen Switzerland’s reputation as a top location for education and research”

The objective of the DLCM project is to provide clear guidelines for implementation of research data life-cycle management at a national level, as a collaborative effort across Swiss higher educational institutions.

Many research organizations are struggling between legal requirements on data retention and data publishing on one hand, and a pressure to keep ever-growing storage costs for research data in check on the other. How to make sure research data remains available in the long term? How can primary (raw) data that publications are based on be permanently referenced? How can we ensure that digital collections are preserved for future generations?

The DLCM project aims to create generic guidelines and data management plans and to assist in setting up well-suited services and infrastructures for day-to-day data management in research organisations, initially focusing on life sciences and the humanities. A significant goal of the project is to establish mechanisms for the  transfer of responsibility for data through the different phases of their life-cycle and to align those mechanisms with legal requirements and institutional policies.

DLCM is a pilot project for a future nation-wide service. Therefore its main activities are: to define concepts and use-cases, to identify exemplary existing solutions and to raise awareness among researchers aboutlegal requirements as well as current best practices for data management. 8 participating partner-institutions (EPFL, ETH Zurich, HES-SO/HEG, SWITCH, University of Basel, University of Geneva, University of Zurich and University of Lausanne) are contributing to 5 activity tracks.

At the University of Basel, an expert group for DLCM has been formed, coordinated by SciCORE. This group steers the inter-disciplinary exploration of policies, legal requirements and existing data management practices, and collects and disseminates information about them, primarily at the local level. In the later phases of the project, the work of this expert group will be consolidated with ongoing national and international initiatives.

Join us for a discussion on your needs for data management and help us to plan future directions of the SUC P-2 project application.